Body care


Body care
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 Nature tried to make our body perfect from the very beginning, but youth, unfortunately, is not eternal. Therefore, the earlier we start regularly to look after your body, the longer the beauty-endowed beauty will remain, but most women forget about it. We take care of the face carefully - it is always in sight, but the skin of the body receives minimum attention - we take care of it only before the start of the beach season. Perhaps the skin of the body and aging later, but the sebaceous glands in it less, so without proper care it is thinner, dries and flakes. Minor injuries and damage to the body heal worse, so a deep peeling of the skin of the body, in contrast to the skin of the face, is not recommended. If you do not take care of the body, the skin of the hands, legs and thighs begins to fade, hangs and becomes flabby - it is difficult to regain elasticity in these parts of the body, so it's better to try to keep it, and care should be regular, not "when there is time." The skin of the body, like the face skin, has its own characteristics. On the back and upper chest of the sebaceous glands more - there the skin is fatter, but on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks it quickly loses moisture and dries up - the normal skin with age usually turns into a dry one, and this process begins somewhere after 35 years. If you often have to take different medications, or body weight often changes, skin aging accelerates; in the winter season, the skin suffers more, and care requires more careful. Stages of body care Body care can be represented in several stages - all the same as with the face: cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing.

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