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BODY WRAP AND MASSAGE A choice of 3 high-performance marine body wraps combined with a complete body massage to help eliminate toxins, break down fat or re-invigorate skin tissues. This treatment is based on the renowned esthetical technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation using a marine sponge at the start of the treatment stimulates the epidermis. The selected marine wrap is then applied to the whole body and is activated by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket. A total body massage at the end of the "cocoon" treatment leaves you beautifully relaxed and rehydrated. Results: Depending on which wrap has been used, the body is visibly purified, refined or invigorated.

Duration: 60 минут

Price: 2700 RUB

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Оценка: 5, Голосов: 2,

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