Biolamination Lebel Cosmetics (Japan) very long

 BIOLAMINATION A hair care procedure that provides coverage with a persistent breathable natural cellulose substance, like juice from a dandelion stalk or a juice of zucchini freshly wax. Thus breathes both hair, and a skin of a head. Cellulose film has a protective effect, protecting the hair from damage, has a light moisture-repellent effect (due to which the styling persists in wet weather, and the chemistry does not bud). The hair, subjected to biolamination, increases by 10% in volume, becomes flexible, elastic, docile, shiny. On average, the biolamine begins to wash off after a month. The process is very smooth. Absolutely harmless. At any convenient time, the procedure can be repeated, there is no oversaturation. Hair takes exactly as much composition as it can take.

Condition: Very long

Price: 4200 RUB

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