New Year's Eve menu 2019 -2020

NEW YEAR 2019-20


 Welcome cocktail at the lobby bar at 22:00

Welcome guests accompanied by sparkling wines,

 cocktails, themed snacks and desserts.


New Year's Eve Menu


Individual snack

Salted salmon in dill with Russian vodka and pink pepper

on “Rusty” potatoes with sour cream and orange jelly


Cold snacks

 (on the table for common dishes)


Low salt salmon

Sig fish fillet marinated in a classic marinade

Smoked eel from the Pskov region

Fish specialties garnish

(olives, olives, capers, butter, fresh herbs, cucumbers, paprika, table horseradish)



Veal tongue cooked with roots and white wine

Sirloin beef aged in a bouquet of herbs and baked

Pork neck baked with Malyutina mustard

Smoked duck breast on apple and cherry chips

with cranberry-rosemary sauce

Garnish for meat cuts

 (olives, olives, capers, fresh herbs, fresh and pickled cucumbers, paprika, mustard)


Salads (on common dishes)

Nicoise salad with tuna according to the classic recipe

with a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and wine vinegar


Olivier salad with duck, smoked ham,

traditional vegetables and Borodino bread according to the recipe from I.I. Oblomov


 Hot meal (at guests' choice, individual serving)

Baked whole dorado in parchment with vegetables and red caviar sauce


Beef sirloin tenderloin with bacon and green beans,

baked cherry tomatoes with "balsamic" and "Russian" sauce


Bread buffet (in bread baskets)

Traditional Sesame Wheat Buns

Bread mixed from rye and wheat flour with almond kernels and prunes

Baked wheat baguette with green butter


Dessert (on common dishes)

fruit plate

 (Grapes, fresh pineapple, tangerines, fresh berries)


Soft drinks (no restrictions in the restaurant)

Cranberry juice

Drinking table water with ice, fresh mint and lemon

Tea, coffee, cream, sugar, lemon

Alcoholic drinks (without restrictions in the restaurant hall)

Sparkling wine

Quiet wine of geographical origin White and Red

Luxury Vodka