Card discounts


On October 15, 2012 on the territory of Old Estate Hotel & SPA **** has a new discount system for additional services!

Additional services of the hotel complex Old Estate Hotel & SPA **** services include Old Estate SPA-center, as well as catering services in "Aristocrat" restaurant bar "Rublev" and lobby bar. On the grounds there is a single discount card with a funded system. Discounts presented cards Classic and Gold.

level Classic

Services Food and SPA: from 10,000 rubles - 3%; from 25,000 rubles - 5%; from 40,000 rubles - 7%; from 60,000 to 90,000 rubles - 10%.

Accommodation: on the fourth race Classic guest receives a card with a discount of 3% level, further increase in prices takes place on the overall gradation.

When ordering a banquet of 40,000 rubles: the card is issued at a discount 7%, operating for the next purchase after the banquet of payment.

level Gold

Gold Card is issued when the guest cumulative amount of 90,000 rubles from 90,000 to 199,999 rubles - 10%, from 200,000 rubles - 12%.  

Holders of Gold-level cards are eligible to participate in special promotions for VIP-guests. Management reserves the right to encourage owners of complimentary Gold level card and inviting them to participate in special events.


The card is issued with a zero discount - 0% - and takes effect with the next purchase of a guest after receiving the card. The card is issued only after filling out the questionnaire. Management reserves the right to change the conditions for granting discounts for the discount system and withdraw card fraud detection.

Discounts on the cards are not cumulative with a discount on shares and special offers!

Be sure to show the card to the discount was granted and your accumulation of fixed!

Action card does not apply to payment of the stay!


 See you in Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****!



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