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Appetizing dishes of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. картинка
Every day we think about our guests - we care about their preferences and guess the desires. The menu of our restaurant filled up with delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Among them: light salad with seasonal vegetables, baked Camembert with cranberry sauce, delicate desserts and a number of other equally interesting dishes. Come and...

Wedding cake - not just sweet, spectacular and memorable completion of the banquet. картинка
This is a strong tradition and a long-awaited moment of the wedding celebration. Plan a holiday at the Old Estate Restaurant - we will offer a bunch of options for a perfect wedding cake from experienced craftsmen: Chocolate, cream, fruit puree mango, passion fruit, strawberry and raspberry mousse - 1900 ₽ / 1 kg Cake "Three Chocolate" with...

Thinking about where and how to meet with colleagues or partners? картинка
Old Estate Hotel at your service! We offer the best format - # business breakfast! A great start for a new project, the beginning of the work week, a presentation or a simple exchange of experience. Relaxed business atmosphere, full breakfast and aromatic coffee - success is not far off! Specify the details by phone: +7 (8112) 79-45-45 E-mail:...

You can't forbid anything beautiful ... картинка
Especially when the design and presentation harmoniously complement the true gastronomic beauty of the dish. In our restaurants, classics of Russian and European cuisine are the basis on which the talented chef and his team create authentic culinary masterpieces. We are waiting for you, dear gourmets! Interesting weekend! ☀ Welcome to Old Estate...

The perfect wedding is the perfect place! картинка
Plan a celebration at the Old Estate Hotel & SPA **** Hotel and the most touching event in your life will be held flawlessly! Our hotel is located next to the most picturesque park of the city - Kuopio, on a quiet pedestrian street, opposite the Church of the Epiphany with Zapskovya. We offer: Room for the newlyweds and a wedding loaf as a gift...

Manicure in the spa center of the Old Estate Hotel картинка
Well-groomed hands are an integral part of the perfect image. In the SPA center of the Old Estate hotel there are masters who know a lot about their work. We provide high quality manicure services, use only the best materials and carefully monitor the cleanliness of the tools. The guests have already appreciated the impeccable result of the work...

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Live music evenings on June 6, 7 and 8 in the restaurant "Aristocrat". картинка
Favorite tunes performed by Vasilisa Stern will give you a spring mood - we invite you to dinner at the Aristocrat Restaurant at the Old Estate Hotel. Accompanied by bright musical compositions, the evening will be superb! Traditionally, all guests are given a 50% discount on every second glass of wine or whiskey. Order the whole bottle - we...

Saturday is like a little holiday. картинка
And a small holiday turns into a big one, along with a pleasant 50% discount on strong alcohol! * Hurry up to take advantage of the generous discount in the Aristokrat restaurant and the Rublev bar until the end of May. Delicious food in combination with noble drinks - the constant components of friendly gatherings, interesting conversations and...

The long-awaited weekend strata will mark the evenings of live music at the Aristocrat restaurant. картинка
May 17, at 20:00, beautiful Vasilisa Stern will perform for you. Live vocals and gentle melodies will give only good mood. For guests there is an offer - 50% discount for every second glass of wine or whiskey. When ordering the whole bottle - we will make a pleasant 20% discount. Book tables by phone: +7 911 380 20 20. Забронировать стол Меню...

Happy Victory Day! картинка
Peaceful, long and happy life! On this day, we are in a hurry to congratulate the veterans and thank for the generous gift - our life and freedom. Happy holiday!

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Welcome to Old Estate Hotel & SPA****!


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