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отель old estate в пскове

Old Estate Hotel & SPA 4* is situated in the historical part of the city of Pskov on the right bank of the Pskova-river between Hertsen street and Verkhne-Beregovaya street. Both streets have been noted for their picturesque and panoramic views. The river flowing nearby, no high-rise buildings in the neighborhood, silence and piece - all these create special mood. Crossing the bridge you will find yourself in Finnish park, which has always been a popular recreational area in the city. The hotel is surrounded by outstanding monuments of civil and ecclesiastical architecture. Opposite the main entrance to the hotel there is a “konchansky” church – the church of God’s Appearance (Epiphany of God) from Zapskovie (a city district), a remarkable piece of the 15th century architecture built in 1496 (“konchansky” meant the main church of one of the town districts in the 15th century).

отель old estate в пскове

There are two more amazing places of interest in the vicinity – Gremyachaya (rattling) tower and Kozma-and-Domian church from Gremyachaya (rattling) Hill, the fortress wall of the town. The gem among Pskov sights - the Kremlin with its Trinity Cathedral, is situated up the river. The Kremlin still remains a holy place and the heart of Pskov.

отель old estate в пскове

The hotel is built in the style of a 19th century mansion. The unforgettable design of Old Estate is enhanced by its unique geographical surroundings.
The major part of the hotel occupies three individual buildings. The stone house survived unchanged from the 16-18th centuries in its original design – “the Mansion of Statina” being a part of the hotel is a monument of state level. Some of the rooms are located in “the Mansion of Kamenskaya”, a typical Russian mansion of the 18-19th centuries. And the oldest part of the hotel is a 14th century structure “podizbitsa” (a kind of basement or cellar), which was found during the excavations forwarding the construction of the hotel. Nowadays it houses the wine-cellar with an exclusive collection of wines.

отель old estate в пскове

Visit our cozy restaurant “Aristocrat” of exquisite style distinguished by variety of Russian and European cuisine, and “Rublev” bar with its Terrace and “Trapeznaya” (Dining hall) where you will enjoy interiors of the 18th century, old Russian dishes, best wines and cognacs. Relax in the SPA center, swimming in the pool or taking a massage session.


We wish you enjoyable and comfortable stay in Old Estate Hotel & SPA 4* and hope to see you again!




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