Rules of Accommodation at Old Estate Hotel & SPA 4*


1. General Rules
1.1 A “hotel guest” is a person within the hotel area who uses the services of the hotel, including accommodation.
1.2 A “hotel visitor” is a person within the hotel area who uses the services of the hotel, without accommodation.
1.3 A “rendered service” is an action, provided by a hotel employee performing his/her duties according to the law of «Protection of Consumer Rights» and other acts regulating various types of activity.
1.4 A “not rendered service” is a non-performance by a hotel employee of undertaken duties when providing paid services.
1.5 “Rude violation of the accommodation rules in the hotel” is a situation when a guest’s behavior prevents the hotel administration and its staff from properly carrying out their duties on providing rest for the hotel guests, or a situation when his actions offend honor and dignity of the staff, and also violate legislative norms of the Russian Federation.
1.6 “Recreational and health-improving facilities” in the hotel should be interpreted as massage cabinets, saunas etc.

2. Hotel Duties
The Hotel is obliged:
2.1 To provide paid services to the guest in time and in full.
2.2 To provide parking in specially established places.
2.3 To provide the full conformity of the quality of all services at the Hotel to Sanitary norms and other governmental acts.
2.4 To provide confidentiality of information about guests and visitors of the Hotel.
2.5 Not to carry out noisy actions on the territory of the Hotel, except stipulated beforehand holidays and entertainment programs after 11 p.m.
2.6 To respond in due time to guests’ requests for elimination of inconveniences, breakages in the accommodation facilities and other facilities of the hotel.
2.7 In case of emergency or any breakdown of equipment that can not be repaired, guest is offered a room category not cheaper than already paid. If it is not possible to provide another room for the guest, the hotel gives a certificate of termination of staying at the hotel for future indemnity.

3. Guest’ s Rights
3.1 Guests can use all facilities of the hotel within the operation hours.
3.2 Guests can receive all the information about the facilities of the hotel, pay for the services in advance, get all information about their current room account and make intermediate payment.
3.3 Guests can take visitors to the hotel. In this case the visitor should give their ID at reception desk.
3.4 Guests can apply to the receptionist with the complaints about quality of services provided.

4. Guest’ s Obligations
4.1 Guests should observe rules of behavior during staying at the hotel, keep from abusing alcohol and insulting people and staff.
4.2 Guests should observe rules when using facilities at the hotel.
4.3 Guests should observe fire regulations on the hotel territory.
4.4 Guests should observe silence and keep from disturbing other guests from 11.00 p.m. till 09.00 a.m.
4.5 Guests should pay for all services provided to him/her at the hotel.
4.6 Guests should keep hotel property from damage. If hotel property is damaged by a guest, he/she must compensate for loss.
4.7 In case the infectious disease or suspicion of such a disease one should immediately check-out (art.33 FR #52 “Of sanitary-and-epidemiologic well-being of population” of 30 March, 1999).

5. It is prohibited on the territory of the Hotel
5.1 During buffet time to take out of the restaurant food and crockery, except when it is allowed by the Food and Beverage Manager. Food may be taken out of the restaurant in plastic plates in case of a guest’s inability to come to the restaurant.
5.2 To bring in and drink in the restaurant and bar’s beverages bought outside the hotel.
5.3 To bring in and drink beverages in glass containers on the territory of recreational and health – improving facilities.
5.4 To smoke in Non-Smoking rooms and zones.
5.5 To keep and bear arms, weapons, explosive substances, highly flammable matters, corrosive and poisonous substances. Hotel guests eligible for keeping and bearing arms must provide special documents on call of hotel management for it. Arms should be specified as means, stated in “the federal law of arms and weapons”.
5.6 To keep and start off fireworks.
5.7 To stay with identified infection or with some indications of it.

6. Guest’s Responsibilities and Hotel rights
6.1 The hotel management has the right to deny service mentioned in the price list, due to medical parameters, or in case of guest’s rude treatment of staff or other guests, and actions threatening health or property of people.
6.2 In case of rude violation of accommodation and safety rules, hotel management can deny further staying on the territory of the hotel. Violation act is drawn up with members of appropriate authorities involved necessarily.
6.3 In case of early staying termination (paragraphs 6.1 and 6.2) paying back is performed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.4 The fine for smoking in Non-Smoking rooms is considered by the Hotel Administration.
6.5 Administration of the hotel suggests depositing money for using the hotel’s services. When checking-out the remaining sum of money is paid back.
6.6 The hotel cannot assume any responsibility for guest’s health in case of consuming drinks and food bought outside the hotel.
6.7 The hotel introduced the credit limit system. When guest’s account reaches the limit of 6000 Russian rubles, he/she should settle the intermediate account.
6.8 It is prohibited to stay on the territory of the hotel with pets or other animals.
6.9 Administration of the hotel cannot assume any liability for safety of money, documents or other valuables not left in a safe or a deposit box.
6.10 Hotel administration reserves the right to attend a room without guest’s agreement in case of smoke, fire, any leakage, and in case of guest’s rude violation of Rules of Accommodation at Old Estate Hotel & SPA 4*.
6.11 If a guest has been missing in the room for more than 24 hours (or more than 6 hours after the check-out time), the hotel administration reserves the right to remove all baggage from the room and to release the room for sale.

7 . Reclamations and Disputes Settling
7.1. In case of various disputes about quality of service a guest must address to reception and solve it with the manager. If the problem can’t be solved on the spot, guest must write his/ her wishes and register it at the reception. Disregard of this provision is held as full or partial deny of claims’ satisfaction.
7.2. If it is impossible to remove disadvantages, one must compile two copies of a statement with a list of comments signed by the guest and by a person entitled by the hotel.
7.3. In case the authority of the hotel is unable to remove all disadvantages in-house, the guest has the right to raise a claim within 20 days after termination of the travel voucher provided having the statement of detected disadvantages. In case when the guest does not have the certificate of disadvantages (see paragraph 7.2), the claim can not be accepted and demand for the service by the guest is unwarranted.

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