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About the Order Chambers of the Pskov Kremlin

Guests and residents of Pskov should be envied - the city is filled with many interesting monuments and attractions that you want to see! Today we will tell about the administrative building of the Middle Ages - about the Order Chambers of the Pskov Kremlin.

 An order hut was built in 1692-1693 instead of a wooden structure that suffered from a fire. In XVII, the building served as the central organ of the Pskov governorate. It was created 5 branches or "tables" (discharge, ambassadorial, monetary, local, judicial), managing a certain range of issues.

 At the beginning of the XVIII century, during the large-scale reconstruction of the Pskov fortress to participate in the Northern War, the Order Chambers were converted for storage of weapons.

 Now in the building there is an exposition, exhibition and cultural center of the Pskov Historical, Art and Architectural Museum-Reserve. On the second floor, the interior of the chambers of the times of the voivode administration was recreated.

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