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You can easily reach the main attractions of Pskov!

Stayed at the Old Estate Hotel? Fine! You can easily reach the main attractions of Pskov! Today we will talk about one of them - the famous Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

 The first mention of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist dates back to 1243, it is one of the most interesting monuments of the temple architecture of the pre-Mongol period. The cathedral was originally a monastery church of the Ivanovo girl’s monastery.

It was founded by Princess Efrosinya Rogvolodovna, the aunt of the famous Prince Saint Dovmont, who after the tonsure took the name Eupraxia. She was the first abbess of the monastery, and, after the vile murder of her husband by the Pskov prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich, was buried there. Also at the monastery cemetery, many noble Pskovites found tonsure, such as Princess Natalia, Martha Pskovskaya, nun Vassa and many others.

The monastery went through the war - in 1615, the troops of the Swedish king Gustav Adolf built a fortified town near the monastery, from where the enemy fired on the towers of Pskov. In 1925, shortly after the revolution, the monastery was closed, and during the Great Patriotic War the cathedral was badly damaged during the battles for the liberation of Pskov.

The temple was restored in 1978-1991, and in 1991 was transferred to the church. And in 2007, the temple and the monastery were transferred under the control of the Krypetsk Monastery. Today the temple is operational.

The architecture of the temple is sustained in Novgorod traditions. The silhouette of the temple is very picturesque, and the overall composition is harmonious and interesting: additional light chapters, facades completed with rounded elements, corner depressions of coatings. On the south wall you can see a two-span belfry of the 16th century, from the west - an extension of the 17th century stretching along the entire facade.

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